Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween was hectic, but fun

We had 142 Trick-or-Treaters! Whew! 
They were cute, though. And polite. They said thank you and many of them even said Happy Halloween.

On Friday the school where Allegra works as a tutor held its belated Halloween celebration, since the storm forced schools to be closed through Wednesday.

School marm

The costume theme for the staff was the 1950s. Allegra found this skirt and blouse at a thrift shop and went as a school marm.
The art teacher attached a white poodle to her skirt, to make a "poodle skirt." It worked!


bj said...

The school marm looks adorable...
I know all about poodle mama made several for me in the '50's. :))

Patti said...

Thanks, BJ!

But I can't say that I ever wore one.