Sunday, July 29, 2012

~ Whimsical Windows ~

Do you recognize these famous people from days gone by?

From left we have the great illusionist Harry Houdini, aviatrix Amelia Earhart and Italian tenor Enrico Caruso.

All three are among the many celebrities who graced the stage of the historic Sterling Opera House in Derby, Ct. Their images are now in the windows of the former theater.

Members of the Valley Arts Council created the paintings for a portrait project featuring 12 celebrities, ranging from Bob Hope and Bing Crosby to George Burns and Gracie Allen.

They are a talented bunch! I wish I could paint like they do. All I can offer is a blog to promote their work and the art council's events.

See lots more interesting windows and doors at Toby's I Wish I Were A Photographer blog.



Willow said...

The smooth surface of the red brick acts as a great 'picture frame' for the paintings. Great shot.

toby said...

Wow, those windows certainly do qualify as whimsical! Great find!
And - welcome aboard at WWDD, I'm always excited to have a new player! Nice to meet you!

Anonymous said...

A great find indeed. Have to admit, that I did not know them though. Please have a good Tuesday.

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Sara at Come Away With Me said...

That is definitely whimsical!