Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Steroids and 'chemo light' ~ cancer journal continues

I had my first Taxol treatment/injection yesterday, but not before lots of steroids got pumped into me.
I had to take five tablets the night before then got more steroids through the IV, along with Benadryl to help a possible allergic reaction to prep me for the chemo drug.
They say this drug won't affect me as much as the previous "A and C" cocktail, so I've decided to call it "chemo light." haha

The steroids give me an appetite and today I have that Taxol glow. Pink cheeks. They also seemed to keep me awake last night. Not good. Time for some coffee.
When we were leaving the Griffin Hospital Center for Cancer Care I took a quick photo through a window of the healing garden built into a rock outcropping and situated between the chemotherapy side and the radiation side of the building.

It's a beautiful facility, that's for sure. I'm fortunate to live so close to such a wonderful place.
When it was dedicated in late 2008 I never thought I'd be making use of it.
It just goes to show you never do know what the future holds.


LAC said...

That is a beautiful garden! Hope they are right about it not being as bad as the last cocktail.

Stay strong!

Barb said...

chemo light... You're a hoot! Hooray for an appetite. And a glow. Wear pink hat to go with it!


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

you sure are right, you just never know...

hugs, bee