Saturday, March 31, 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday ~ at the gallery

Last Saturday night we attended the opening reception for a funky art show at the Valley Arts Council's Gallery@37 in Derby, Ct. We had fun and were happy about a great turnout.

I didn't even know what Steampunk art was until January when my artist friends in the Council started planning the event.

 One of the walls:

My sepia-tone photos are on the left and upper right. I used a skeleton key with the word "memory" inscribed on it as a prop. The third piece is a painting of a woman with butterfly wings done by a local artist. Maybe someday I'll learn how to paint. ;-)

The left photo is a butterfly as I hope you can tell, and the top photo is of my stained-glass bunny duck. I placed the key under it to make it resemble a wind-up toy. Below are the close-ups.


And below you see a sideways shadow of my footsies when we were outside the gallery.  

Ralph also posted today about the gallery opening ~ please visit him too!

Join the fun and see lots more shadows spotted around the world at Shadow Shot Sunday 2.


Sylvia K said...

These are all terrific, Patti! How talented you are! And what fun!! Really enjoyed this today and it looks like everyone had fun! Enjoy your weekend!


Linda said...

Very cool and very steampunk! I'm still not exactly sure what steampunk is other than put together sort of stuff but either way it's pretty cool!

Kelly said...

I LOVE your butterfly with the key!! That is so neat!

Now, a bunny duck? Boy would it creep me out to run into one of those in real life!

Gemma Wiseman said...

I am guessing steampunk means amalgamating traditional ideas into a new kind of whimsical reality! Your artwork is intriguing! Adore the concept of the butterfly!

Cassie said...

Bunny duck.
Duck bunny.
Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.
Very Funny!

Looks like a fun exhibit. Sometimes art takes itself too seriously for us commoners! Your photographic contributions are cool. The memory butterfly is my favorite...makes me think of my husband's sister who has early onset Alzheimers. My own memory seems to be taking wing too.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

The best part, of course, is your footsies!

One Shadowy Bee Is Enough

bj said...

O, gosh, Patti, I love your art. The windup bunny is are the tootsies...:)) Now, I am going over to flirt with your sweet Ralph.:)

Paula Scott said...

Congrats! Good job! I especially like the butterfly one. And your feet!

chubskulit said...

Wow those are beautiful pieces of arts!

robin. said...

very cool artwork patti!! love the key with wings!!!!

John McElveen said...

Patti--All Great shots!!!!!