Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh, nooo! Not my hyacinth

Yesterday afternoon our friendly pest-elimination specialist stopped by for our monthly check.

About a decade ago we came down with termites and had to have the underground tubes installed around the foundation to kick those guys back to where they came from. And we haven't had a problem since, thankfully

But yesterday the guy TRAMPLED the budding hyacinth that I wrote about here last Wednesday to get to one of the underground tubes he checks.

Here's the result:

 This is what it looked like a week ago:

I know this is a silly concern in the scheme of things, but it's temporarily keeping my mind off of more serious (financial and health-related) issues we are attempting to deal with around here!


Barb and TheDailyGs said...

Anything which diminished your spirit is not a silly concern. I will join my prayers to yours regarding your financial and health issues, as well as for your trampled hyacinth! She does not look like a goner just yet. Plants are quite resilient, you know! So says my Dad, and he knows about such things.

Big hugs xoxo

Cinderella said...

Total clod - grrrr! I would have been very upset. Our plants are precious to us, and this guy had no respect.
Hope the poor little thing recovers and will have some purple glory for you soon:)

Linda said...

What a dope - didn't he even bother to look where he was stepping in the yard?

I'd be quite bummed about it myself - quite! Here's hoping that Barb is right and it's still able to come back to life and just be a bit of a Late Bloomer like yourself!