Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sepia scenes

[please click on photo to enlarge]

Regular readers will know where I spotted his great old photograph. It was at my hairdresser's shop, which I have featured in numerous posts over the past 10 days. ;-)
She has lots of vintage stuff around and it's a most interesting place to visit and take pictures.

Maureen said this is a photo of her aunt, now 97, back in the day. She said her aunt didn't drive, she was just posing.
And that's her aunt's father, Maureen's grandfather, in the back, keeping a close eye on his daughter!

Mary T, The Teach, is our hostess. Go visit her Sepia Scenes blog to see many more photos and join in the fun.


Marice said...

vintage and sepia go along so well! ;)

u may view mine here

EG Wow said...

Hey, Patti. I'm becoming more and more fascinated by what your hairdresser has in her shop! This is a great choice for sepia!

My Sepia Scenes shot is here:

Linda said...

I always wanted to go for a ride in a rumble seat though I suspect climbing and out was tricky!

Jim said...

Hi Patti. I believe this was the beginning of the Woman's Lib movement! And the put the LOL in the rumble seat! Poor thing.
Happy RT, late! I like your red VW Bug. It is a 1964 to 1966. I had a 1962 white one way back when.