Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spoiled kitty?

Ever since his little brother Rigby died March 6, we have been showering our loopy Linus with scads of attention. Naturally he loves it, and increasingly he demands it.
Well sometimes he does.

Are we being bad kitty parents? Or is it OK to spoil Linus because he is and always will be a baby? They don't grow up like the human ones do, I've discovered. ;-)

Linus (seen here on the right) has taken to putting his favorite soft catnip toys in or next to his food bowls for safe keeping. I think it's adorable that he does that. I guess he figures he knows where to find them if he needs them.

When I clean up the area I'll take a photo and show you. ha ha

Have a great Thursday all!


Barb said...

My 4 cats MUST be spoiled. It's a rule! I forget if it is my rule or theirs, but what does it matter?! hahahaha!

nonizamboni said...

Spoiling Linus IS your job. You can't quit now! :O) I love how resourceful these creatures are in keeping their toys at paw's reach.
Happy Thursday to you too!

Carletta said...

Keep spoiling!
Just sitting there doing what cats do. :)

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