Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Morning Moon

[click on photo to enlarge]

Hope everyone has a great Monday!


Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed catching up with your posts in my reader this morning ... loved your kitty's tail and the shadows (reminding me I didn't post any this weekend). It's still dark at 6am here in So Cal ... just had a BIG QUICK JOLT at 5:57 ... no doubt an aftershock of the Mexico quake over the weekend. Nice moon shot. Wishing YOU a wonderful week.
Hugs and blessings,

Linda said...

And a happy Monday to you, too! I haven't accomplished much yet and probably won't before work but it's so nice to get up in the morning and see the sun shining and the blue skies. I could get used to this!

Barb said...

Very pretty! Maybe you should start a Monday Morning Moon Meme, Patti!

I saw the strangest thing in the sky over the swamp just before sunrise this morning. I wish I had my camera out there, but it was moving much too fast to and was to dark for my point and shoot to pick it up any way. Very, very strange moving light. Very.

Barb said...

You're probably right about the shuttle! I had no idea they were launching today! I feel better now! :0)