Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Color us lucky

Thousands of our fellow Nutmeggers are suffering with power outages and worse after Irene stormed her way through Connecticut.

Here in our neighborhood there was a lot of wind, intermittent heavy downpours and branches and leaves down. 
A dead tree fell into our backyard, but nowhere near the house. 

But we never lost power. The lights never even flickered, and for that we are so grateful.

Yesterday my oncologist told me he and his wife had
to evacuate Saturday afternoon. They live on Long Island Sound and he said the Sound was like the ocean that day.

Ralph's sister and several other relatives in Connecticut have been living without electricity for days, and they can't get an estimate of when it will be returned. I can't imagine their frustration.

A friend who lives about 20 miles away in a more affluent (and rural) town than ours lost power Sunday and still hasn't gotten it back. 
Today she was able to bathe herself and her two kids with water they got from the fire department.
Wow. That is roughing it in my book. 

I pray that everyone gets electricity back soon!


barb @iPhoneographi said...

I have a friend who didn't worry about water when it came to hurricanes because he has a private well. Guess what? No power and the pump can't pump. Doh. He lives WAY out in the country and was without power for 2 weeks. Fortunately, for that particular hurricane we had power so we loaned him our generator.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

oh i feel their pain, i remember hurricane francis and us not having power for 8 days! no power, no water in a highrise! we had to move out until it was back on.

smiles, bee

Sarah said...

Patti, I am happy that you and Ralph don't have to deal with this. Having no power and no running water is scary, upsetting and unsettling all at once. Tonight I am online thanks to my husband's cell phone. Apparently I can connect to the internet with it. How wild is that? It's the first bit of normalcy I have had in days.

Dianne said...

you were lucky to never lose power
we lost it on and off Saturday night through all day and night Sunday

it made us all a little jumpy

many towns right around me still have no power and to the north of me they are flooded

I am grateful

Linda said...

We were quite lucky over here too in that we only lost power for less than 6 hours and neither Amanda nor I were home when it happened. Thank goodness for living a) in a town with their own power company and b) near the hospital which always gets power back first!

I see that most of Connecticut has been restored with more and more people coming back on line every hour. I can only imagine what a relief it is especially if you also don't have any water.