Sunday, May 22, 2011

Down the drain (almost)

This is what happened when I washed my hair yesterday morning.

The good news is I'll be saving money on shampoo and conditioner. And on water for that matter.

I bought a second hat; it's a red cloche-style chapeau. I need to take pix of myself in the hats and post them.

Today Ralph, Allegra and I are meeting Duchess Linda of Norwich-Upon-Thames for lunch and laughs. At least I hope we laugh!


barb @iPhoneographi said...

I must admit, that's a lot of hair to see not on your head. But it really is just hair. And there are plenty of fabulous hats to choose from while you wait for your hair to grow back.

Give Linda a hug for me and she is to give one to you from me! Then rinse and repeat.

Have a blast together! Big hugs xo

Linda said...

Ya know, there are times when I think that it would be so much easier to not have to worry about my hair but I don't think I'm really ready to part with it just yet.

Should I bring my camera along today and you bring your hats so we can get some stylin' photos of you and your new chapeaus? I think we could manage that in between the lunch and laughter and directed hugs from Barb!

Oh, and if we don't laugh at least a time or two then there's definitely something wrong as we usually laugh like a couple of lunatics!

Dianne said...

of course you'll laugh
have a great day
maybe the sun will bless you with an appearance

hugs to Ralph and Allegra
and make sure Linda takes lots of pics

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

it is only hair and will grow back for sure honey... embrace the hats and have fun with them!

hugs, big hugs, bee

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Laugh it up good Patti - it does wonders! and please...a hat style show would be quite fun :)