Tuesday, December 1, 2009

* More on the historic Osborne homestead

I love to visit the beautiful Osborne Homestead Museum in Derby, Ct. I used two photos featuring holiday decorations in a dining room of the Colonial Revival home for Ruby Tuesday and thought I'd share a few more today.

This year's decorating theme was "Wonders of Nature." This fireplace is in the library. The Derby Garden Society's task was to adorn the room with decorations created out of pine cones.

This snow globe display is in the "milk room." The homestead was once part of a dairy farm, and the room was used as an office, if I recall correctly. The group that decorated this room had to follow a "Snow and Ice" theme.

And some more *snow and ice* decor.
Does this look like a house that would make you forget about any winter weather howling outside?
I know it would make me forget...
This last photo features a ring-necked pheasant as part of a natural centerpiece of greens sitting on deer antlers on a second dining table, this one found in a dark-paneled room known as the studio.

I have more photos of this lovely home. Stay tuned...


Felisol said...

What a elaborate Christmas decorating.
I love the use of natural elements like like cones and eternal greens.
We had a Christmas workshop at my home yesterday using the same materials, even if in a more modest scale.
This year Hubby Gunar is busy redecorating, so I am forced to think new.
That is fine with me.
I know that there's 20 boxes of Christmas decorations in he attic, there just isn't opportunity to get them down just now.
Instead I'm getting a renovated master bedroom. Much more important and needed.
I cannot be ruled by my things, just enjoy them.
Your decorations were a joy to me as well.
From Felisol

Bond said...

I did not know Ozzie lived in CT!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Funny how photos of yesteryear seem much more like Christmas than modern store windows, to me at least. These photos give me a lovely warm feeling.

Dianne said...

I love snow globes
the snow and ice decor is lovely
what a great house!!

Anonymous said...

wonderful decorations. i especially love the snow globes.


Classics and Country said...

I love all your wonderful decorations.

Linda said...

What a pretty place to visit at this time of the year! And you're right, it definitely looks like the kind of place where you'd not notice how cold it was outside - the kind of place we all need here in New England!