Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wheelin' to raise awareness about disabilities

I posted this yesterday on the View from the Valley blog for the New Haven Register and I thought I'd re-post it here today. 

Ralph, Allegra and I enjoyed spending time with some wonderful, like-minded people. 

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West Haven Wheel-A-Thon raises $16G to aid disabled youth

Music, fun, sun accompany 7th annual event 

Marc Anthony Gallucci, executive director, Center for Disability Rights, leads the way Sunday at Savin Rock. 

My daughter and I were two of the able-bodied people who took part in the 1.5-mile walk/roll event Sunday morning along the West Haven shoreline.
My husband Ralph, who uses a wheelchair, has been involved with the nonprofit Center for Disability Rights for many years and I can attest to the fact it's a great organization.
Sunday was a picture-perfect weather day, which added to the festive, upbeat atmosphere. After a complimentary breakfast walkers and rollers started down the sidewalk along the beach, then through the parking lot and out to the sidewalk along Capt. Thomas Boulevard.
Some who don't need wheelchairs tried them out to learn firsthand about the daily difficulties faced by the disabled.
Entertainment throughout the morning was provided by five talented teens in a rock band called "Up in Arms."
Members include: Joe Famiglietti of East Haven, lead guitarist; Joe Caruso of East Haven, singer and keyboardist; Kyle Cifarelli of East Haven, bass guitarist; Dan Durazzo of East Haven, drummer; and Matt Zingarello of Guilford, rhythm guitarist.
Executive Director Marc Anthony Gallucci said at least $16,000 had been raised, with more funds pledged. He said more than 90 percent of the money raised goes to scholarships for disabled young people who are headed to college or technical school. "You can feel good about that," Gallucci said.

I do feel good about being a part of this great event. And judging by the many smiling faces that were there I know I'm not alone. 

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