Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Eddie was truly a legend

Our community lost a special person Saturday. Photojournalist Edward J. Cotter Jr. could be cantankerous and feisty, but those who knew him knew he had a heart of gold.
He would do anything for anyone.

Ralph and I got back a short while ago from his wake. There were wall-to-wall people there. He had touched so many lives in his 91 years.

I was thinking about Eddie Sunday. I wanted to write something about my former colleague. And it wasn't difficult. When I sat down at the computer, this column just came pouring out.


Linda said...

"A one-in-a-million marshmallow." Love it!

And obviously people loved Eddie from the sounds of it. I just hope that while he was still alive to hear it that they told him that and let him know how much they thought of him. I've often thought that it's a shame that we're not around for our own funerals so that we can see and hear how people felt about us while we were still alive. But then again, maybe we ARE there - you just never know!

Rest in peace, Eddie!

Carletta said...

So sorry Patti for the loss of your friend and colleague.
Your column was a lovely tribute.