Thursday, August 12, 2010

Straight out of the camera ...



Thought I'd post photos I took last week. Wish I could say this was my garden. ;- )


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

they are lovely, i wish it was my garden too! i never could grow anything. i did have an african violet for a few years but it's long gone now too.

smiles, bee

Lisa Ceaser said...

I love zinnias and dahlias!!! Beautiful. I keep spying a pretty row of sunflowers along someone's fence. Wonder if they'd mind if I stopped for a shot or two? I am so fearful of photographing neighbors.

Loved the little black bunny, too. Hope he found a home.

So sad to hear of the war memorial that was desecrated. Is there any way to donate for its repair?

Barb said...

Maybe not your garden, but your photos! Even better, since you don't have to keep them alive! Perhaps you've guessed that while I love to enjoy a beautiful garden, I want no part of gardening! hahahaha!

Linda said...

What Barb said! No matter whose garden they were in, they came out of your camera and that works for me!