Monday, August 16, 2010

Foot pain

Darling daughter has had a really painful right foot since Saturday. It hurts every time she puts her weight on it.

We are going to have it looked at this morning. Wish us luck.

:- (

UPDATE: We talked to nurse at local CVS who said it was most likely from being on her feet with her new job. She suggested taking pain relievers and soaking the foot in cold water, which daughter already did. And she needs to get some better shoes with good support.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh gosh, i am so sorry, hope it's better soon.

hugs. bee

Barb said...

I hope it starts feeling better soon, too! And I could SO use a pedicure, if not for any other reason than the foot massage would be heavenly right about now!

big hugs :)

Linda said...

Ah, the poor kid - if she's going to be one her feet all day then good shoes make all the difference in the world. I learned that the hard way when I used to work security out at Foxwoods and could barely walk at the end of my shifts!

Dianne said...

New Balance makes a great support shoe and it's not too orthopedic looking
my Dr recommended it

hope she feels better soon

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