Friday, November 4, 2011

If I glow, it won't be from the radiation

I went to see the radiation oncologist yesterday for a consultation. She explained everything that will be happening with the upcoming radiation treatments and it didn't sound bad at all.

She said it's easier to take than chemo. I feel fortunate to have gotten through five months of that with nothing more than tiredness.  

I also had an unexpected CT scan. That wasn't on my agenda!
It turned out fine, but when I first saw the scanner (don't know correct name of it) I flashed back to my MRI experience in February when I freaked out. 
At that time Ralph had to bring me back another day with a medication inside me to get through the claustrophic feelings I was experiencing.

So now I wait to find out when I start the five-days a week radiation treatment. The nurse assured me I wouldn't be radioactive. So apparently I won't be glowing.

I don't mean to sound flip about any of these important procedures. I simply want to keep my sense of humor about all of this.  :D

{And so my online cancer journey journal doth continue ~ thanks for reading!}


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

oh i know about the mri, i had my first one this week and it was horrible! my radiation wasn't bad at all. hope yours goes as well.

hugs, bee

barb @iPhoneographi said...

Dad just finished his 5 weeks of chemo and radiation. He's on a 4-6 week break while he gains his strength back before the surgery. He's doing pretty good, actually much better than I dared hope.

After the initial appointment, the radiation itself takes just a few minutes. Tits to that, to borrow a phrase from Miss Bee!

I hope you breeze through yours! Big hugs xoxo

Linda said...

I guess you aren't getting much of a break in between the chemo and the radiation, huh? Well, the best way to look at it then is that the sooner they start - the sooner you're done with it, right?

Dianne said...

your sense of humor is a gift
I always thought you glowed :)

bj said...

You are so brave and strong, Patti.
I, too, have to have heavy duty meds before I can go into any kind of MRI thingies. I remember taking my "GIVE ME SOME GUTS" pill and then shut my eyes tight, never opened them until I slid out. Dang...I hate any tight palces.
hugs, bj

Annelisa said...

Hi Patti, I haven't visited for a while (a year, in fact). As usual, I came looking for the Blogblast for Peace posts, but what I found here is one brave lady, whose been given lemons and is making lemonade....

My friend went through this a few years back, and, as you say, it was the chemo that was specially tiring. I'm going to send you positive thoughts, and wish you all the peace in the world. Love to you x