Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rings? What rings?

Sounds silly but one of the worst things I've experienced so far with this new health journey I'm on happened was last week when I had to get my wedding rings cut off.
I'm fortunate enough to know a goldsmith who owns a jewelry store and she did it for me.

The cutting was a preventive measure ~ I hadn't been able to get the two rings off my finger for at least a year.
After the mastectomy my left arm and hand will swell. And that being the case, my poor ring finger would have quickly turned blue.

So now they sit, unworn, waiting for re-sizing and repair, after part of me gets re-sized and repaired.

It feels strange not wearing the wedding band I've worn for just about a quarter century, and the engagement solitaire I've worn since 1985.

I look forward to wearing them again.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh honey that just broke my heart. please get them fixed soon... i'll be there with you in spirit.

big giant hugs, bee

Linda said...

Ah, Patti ... my heart goes out to you. It's the little things like this that are actually pretty big things that those of us who have never been on the journey you're on just have no knowledge of at all.

I do like the way that you said that they're just waiting to get resized and repaired like part of you is. I have the utmost confidence that both you and your rings will be better than ever in spite of the alterations when all is said and done. I'll have it no other way!

Barb said...

So many things to deal with besides the fears and uncertainties and medical procedures. I'm so sorry you're going through this, Patti. My mother-in-law had to have her wedding rings cut off after an accident that happened at my engagement party. She cried and cried over her rings, far more than the horrible injury she sustained. They had never been off her finger since her wedding day and they were family heirlooms.

Big hugs xo

Patti said...

Thanks Bee, Linda and Barb.

{{Big hugs}} back to you!

Michele said...

This one broke my heart as well. It seems like just yesterday you were married! It will be on your finger again soon.