Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My guardian angel

An artist friend created this piece last year and when Ralph and I first saw it in a gallery in October we both liked it immediately.
I bought it for the two of us for Valentine's Day. I'm happy to say that it now graces the wall in front of me, above the computer monitor.
I gaze up at her and she makes me smile.


Barb said...

She's just lovely! As is her frame! You will be enjoying her everyday now!

I just love original art! Lucky gal!

Lisa said...

Beautiful! A definite piece to cherish. I never buy art. But lately, I was tired of staring at my own picture in my office. So I bought my first art. From Etsy, beautiful, colorful trees. Watercolors, that I cannot stop looking at. I hope to get pics of them and blog them soon!

Enjoy your angel!

Dianne said...

she's beautiful
her face is so kind and peaceful
a wonderful gift for yourself and Ralph
enjoy :)

Hope sends hugs