Tuesday, December 28, 2010

~ Ruby Tuesday ~

"Look at all that snow! I hope it doesn't ruin my naturally curly hair."

You can see lots more photos featuring the color red at Mary T's Ruby Tuesday meme at her Work of the Poet blog.

Happy Ruby Tuesday and Happy New Year!


Auntie E said...

LOL, love it and oh that snow...Great, I want some.

Linda said...

Nice to see you've got your sense of humor going full strength in spite of your furnace issues, Princess!

Hope things have warmed up for you at your royal estate now!

Robin said...

LOL. It's good to see you blogging again Patti.

Warmest wishes for a happy and bright new year.

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Kim, USA said...

Pretty blonde curly hair. ^_^
Ruby Red Tuesday

EG Wow said...

Haha! Snow makes my hair even curlier. :))

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and will also have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!